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Thermal Energy Systems Resilience in Cold/Arctic Climates Consultation Forum - Presentations/White Papers

Forum Agenda: File:Forum agenda and tours.pdf

Pictures from the Forum: Pictures

Name Title Presentation White Paper
Mark Adams Update on Thule Fuels Infrastructure File:Adams - Thule Fuel Infrastructure.pdf
Thomas Adams Air Force Experiences with Heating Systems in Arctic Climates File:Adams T WhitePaper-AFBestPractices Arctic TES.pdf
Lyle Axelarris Moisture Risks for USACE Projects File:Axelarris Moisture Risks for USACE projects in Zone 7 and 8 (Building Envelope Section).pdf
Kevin Bjella Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory File:Bjella Energy Resiliency Workshop briefing.pdf File:Bjella CRREL-CERL Energy White Paper for Section 4.pdf
Dayne Broderson Arctic Thermal Decay Test FTW & FTG File:Zhivov - FWA&FGA TDT Test Summary.pdf
Aaron Cooke Five High-Performance Walls That Work in Alaska File:Cooke presentation 5 Walls that work in Alaska.pdf File:Cooke 5 Walls that work in Alaska.pdf
Stephen Doig Whole System Approaches for new and old buildings File:Doig Fairbanks Whole System Design.pdf
Anders Dyrelund Experience From Greenland File:Dyrelund - Greenland quaanaaq Ramboll Anders Dyrelund.pdf File:Dyrelund Thermal energy in cold climates Greenland Quanaaq Anders Dyrelund.pdf
Mark Frame How Alaskans Design File:Frame PDC Resiliency.pdf
Craig Fredeen CCBDG Overview Presentation File:Fredeen-CCBDG Overview Presentation.pdf File:Fredeen - Operation and Maintenance.pdf
Craig Fredeen O&M Presentation File:Fredeen-O&M Presentation.pdf
Robbin Garber-Slaght Building in Alaska File:Garber - Building in Alaska.pdf File:Garber Buildings in Alaska.pdf
Jonathan Goebel Arctic Thermal Decay Test FTW & FTG File:Zhivov - FWA&FGA TDT Test Summary.pdf
Brent Goering Arctic Mechanical Overview File:Goering Arctic Mechanical Overview.pdf File:Goering B G Thermal Hardening Edited.pdf
Oddgeir Gudmundsson District Energy File:Oddgeir - DH resilience - v4.pdf File:Gudmundsson OG District Energy – the resilient energy infrastructure.pdf
Whit Hicks RESET - Coprs of Engineers Presentaion File:Hicks Corps of Engineers Presentation.pdf File:Hicks White Paper for Corps.pdf
Nick Janssen Fort Wainwright Heat and Power Study File:Janssen Co-generation - Nick Janssen.pdf File:Janssen-DU Fort Wainwright Heat and Power Study.pdf
Nick Janssen Freeze Protection File:Janssen Freeze Protection - Nick Janssen.pdf
Bernie Karl Chena Final Project Report File:Karl Chena Final Project Report for AEA 02-03-07.pdf
Bernie Karl Recycled Plastic Bail Trail File:Karl Recycled Plastic Bail Trail.pdf
Kurt Knitter UAF - Thermal Resilience in Cold Climates File:Knitter THERMAL RESILIENCE IN COLD-ARTIC CLIMATES PPT.pdf File:Knitter THERMAL RESILIENCE IN COLD-ARTIC CLIMATES.pdf
Martin Kotol Ventilation Strategies in Greenland File:Kotol Paper Martin (HVAC Section).pdf
Emmett Leffel A Review of USACE Airtightness Testing and Results File:Leffel - ATI BET Results 2009 - 2019.pdf File:Leffel USACE BET Results 2009 - 2019 by ATI.pdf
Emmett Leffel FTG & FTW Air Leakage Test Results File:Leffel FTG & FTW ABT Result Brief-2019-1.pdf
Richard Liesen Thermal Resilience Analysis FTW Building 3013 File:Liesen 2020 Resilience TDT Bldg 2013.pdf File:Liesen Building 3013 Whitepaper.pdf
Thomas Lund The Advantage of Using Geothermal Energy at Chena Hot Springs Resort File:Lund - The Savings of Geothermal Energy Final.pdf
Tom Marsik Air-Source Heat Pumps in Cold/Arctic Climates File:Marsik ASHPs.pdf File:Marsik, Tom White paper - ASHPs.pdf
Andrea Mengual Installation Energy Plans: Resilience Framework File:Mengual - Thermal Energy System Resilience for Missions.pdf File:Mengual Thermal Forum Paper AM 12-26-19.pdf
Eva Birgit Moller Building Strategies in Greenland File:Moeller - Building strategies in Greenland Eva Moeller.pdf File:Moeller Building Greenland.pdf
Aylin Ozkan A New Approach to Guide Early Stages of Building Design File:Ozkan Alaska Forum AylinOzkan Presentation.pdf File:Ozkan AlaskaForum White Paper.pdf
Robin Rader MECHANICAL DESIGN BEST PRACTICES FOR THE INTERIOR SUBARCTIC File:Rader Design Alaska Whitepaper (Section 7-Currnet and Best Prqctices of HVAC System Designs).pdf
Lorne Ricketts Optimal Northern Wall Design File:Ricketts 2020 01 20 CCH Forum - LRicketts.pdf
George Roe Estimating Alaska Community Heat & Power Requirements File:Roe - ThermalForum Roe r1(compressed).pdf File:Roe Alaska Community CHP - Preliminary Load Estimation Methodology.pdf
William Rose Protecting Arctic Commercial Buildings File:Rose - Presentation.pdf File:Rose, W Protecting arctic buildings.pdf
Daniel Sambor Thermal Resilience for Remote Communities File:Sambor Copy of Thermal 2020 Presentation.pdf File:Sambor ThermalWorkshopWhitePaper DanielSambor.pdf
Peter Jens Sandemand Energy Generation, Storage, and Delievery Strategies File:Sandemand Energy generation, storage, and delivery strategies.pdf
Peter Spafford Air Barriers in Cold and Arctic Climates File:Spafford - Air Barriers in Cold and Arctic Climates.pdf File:Spafford White Paper of Air Barriers in Cold Climates.pdf
Steven Taylor Rental Boiler Contingency Planning File:Taylor - Rental Contingency Plan Presentation 2020.pdf File:Taylor Ware Temporary Boiler white paper.pdf
Lars Truelsen Thermal Energy Systems Resilience in Cold/Arctic Climates File:Truelson - Danish præsentation.pdf
Rafal Turek Thule Air Base Contruction File:Turek Forum Presentation - R Turek (1).pdf File:Turek white Paper CRREL.pdf
Griffith Turpin JBER Energy File:Turpin - JBER Energy.pdf File:Turpin JBER THERMAL ENERGY SYSTEMS RESILIENCE .pdf
John Zarling Some Considerations in Cold Climate Geotechnical Thermal Design File:Zarling-Presentation-ZAE.pdf File:Zarling Some Considerations in Cold Climate Geotechnical Thermal Design.pdf
Alexander Zhivov Thermal Energy System Resilience Scope, Definitions and Concepts File:Zhivov Thermal Energy System Resilience AZF.pdf File:Zhivov - Thermal Energy System Resilience.pdf
Reference File:Camps in Artic PJW Danish Paperin English (MOD Experiences Section).pdf
Reference File:Canada Mortgage RDH Optimal-Northern-Wall-Report-with-Appendices-2016-05-26 (Section 5-Building Envelope).pdf
Reference File:Greenland Building Regs BR2006DK.pdf
Reference File:MURB-Design-Guide-v1.0-Jan2017.pdf
Reference File:Norway Building Regulations - regulation-on-technical-requirements-for-construction-works--technical-regulations.pdf
Reference File:Thermal-Resilience-Guide-v1.0-May2019.pdf
Reference File:Wainwright AK Energy and Resiliency Metering Protocol.pdf
Reference File:Fredeen-Best Practices to Support O&M - Workshop Guide-20y01m20d.pdf
Reference File:Fredeen-Best Practices to Support O&M Document-20y01m21d.pdf
Reference Some Considerations in Cold Climate Geotechinal Thermal Design by Prof. Zarling File:Zarling Presentation.pdf
Reference Forum Notes Day 1 File:Forum day 1.docx
Reference Forum Notes Day 2 File:Forum day 2.docx